terça-feira, setembro 19, 2006

Client in stress

What to do when the client doesn't resist to the stress, and call your team names ?
Anybody can answer this ?!?
Must we react as if nothing happened or react because he as offended you and your team ?

My opinion is that anybody has the right to offend anyone.
When you invested 3 weeks of hard work with no weekends to rest and nights to sleep, everybody must show respect for the effort to reach the expected result as we did.

Always respect for everybody work, even if takes you not to sleep to resolve his provoked problems. To shoot rocks with glass roofs in its houses!!!!! Nobody borns with the knowledge, therefore, it commits errors. The trick is to learn with them.

If you are ready to explode, pack your things and do it at home!

The cats do not commit two times the same error!! They evolve.

terça-feira, dezembro 20, 2005

Learning for free

Everyone i know always complain about not having
courses to enhance technical expertise and increase productivity.

The courses are too expensive, company refuses to pay and always
uses your self learning ?
I found in microsoft's learning page the chance to take the course and learn for free.
Depends on you ! Do you want to learn with a course ?


terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2005


Here am i to the world of blogs.
I watch everyone i know create is own blog and telling me how wonderfull that blogging was.

I could not resist anymore.